Swimming Pool

Beat the Scorching Heat While Relaxing in your Pool

A stylish, modern swimming pool adds exceptional beauty to any building. Construction and maintenance of the swimming pool is a tedious task but there is no need to worry. Handyhelper Property Maintenance is a one stop solution provider for swimming pool construction and management. Our team is well-versed about changing trends and we also keep pace with time to impeccably handle the entire project.

We assist in all phases of swimming pool construction

The team of Handyhelper Property Maintenance is serious during project management. Initially, we discuss the key requirements, concerns and preferences of the clients along with their budget. We also resolve the doubts and queries of the clients.

Swimming pool designing

Our swimming pool design team is very talented. We employ designers, architects and technicians to construct an enticing swimming pool. Just share your desire with us. We are known for designing customized swimming pools in various designs. Whether you want commercial or private swimming pools, just avail our services.

Authority approval and accomplishment within the deadline

Once the site plan is ready, we help applicants to receive authority approval. Complying with rules, regulations and safety guidelines is very necessary. As a certified company, we always abide by the authority rules. Handyhelper Property Maintenance is a dependable name. We always strive to complete the project within the deadline.

Utilize our service for effective swimming pool repair and maintenance

Regular maintenance of the swimming pool is extremely necessary. It is not a child’s play to maintain the sparkling sparkling blue appeal of the pool. Constant care and maintenance is the true secret behind the pristine appeal of any pool. Our team makes use of state-of-the-art technology to diagnose problems. The expert engineers and technicians of Handyhelper Property Maintenance will take care of the cleaner, heat pump, lighting, chlorinator, pool tile, skimmer, pool filter.

Following services are part of our swimming maintenance program
  • Brushing the walls and tiles of the pool to prevent algae growth
  • Maintaining the PH level of the swimming pool water
  • Chlorine treatment
  • Filtering and removal of algae, leaves and other debris
  • Backwater washing and proper vacuuming
  • Cleaning pool deck and floor bed to prevent spread of bacteria
  • Maintaining the pool filter

Take your swimming pool maintenance very seriously. The adverse effects of poor maintenance are as follows:

  • Growth of bacteria
  • Unhygienic and slippery floor
  • Corrosion of swimming pool rail, liner, floor and other equipment
  • Improper PH level can cause skin irritation and infection
Pergolas and Gazebos

With a small investment, you can extend your living area in the form of pergola or gazebo. Handyhelper Property Maintenance can manufacture a customized, UV resistant wooden pergola or gazebo with fine finishing. We understand that such outdoor additions are a favorite spot for get-together. We just love furnishing the landscape in a stylish way. Pergolas and Gazebos provide space for seating and decking. Handyhelper Property Maintenance makes use of high quality raw material to create great structures that would last for several years. Handyhelper Property Maintenance provides all technical help in construction of pergola and gazebo. If you are planning to give a rich look to your garden, just feel free to contact us.