Air Conditioning

You Deserve a “Cool” Life in the Wonderful Dubai!

Life in Dubai is awesome. Everything you can dream of is at your disposal all hours of the day. The only impediment to this relentless enjoyment can sometimes be the hot and humid weather, but thanks to your air-conditioning, you don’t really need to worry about that. But what if your air conditioning goes burst in the middle of the night? Have you got that scenario covered? Or are you planning to sweat it out if such a situation comes across? At handyhelper we ensure that you’re never faced with an uncomfortable situation like this.

Prevention is Better than Cure – Regular Maintenance is the Key!

handyhelper is always at your service, even at odd hours. But there’s no denying that regular maintenance keeps your power bills low and chances of down time low. Our qualified professionals with years of experience under their belt will do a thorough check of all the vital parts that are likely to give out. Our professionals know exactly what parts are prone to wear and tear. They take special care to keep your air conditioners up and running at all times.

We are At Your Service at All Times

Our services, at handyhelper, are not bound by time. Call us any time and we will do our very best to reach you within the minimum possible time. You will find our workmen, reliable and courteous. We hold your comfort high and ensure that our employees are trained well to adhere to the etiquettes that are desired in a home or office environment. You can even rely on them for maintenance tips and expert advice.

Have You registered with Us Yet?

Enjoy the many benefits of our annual maintenance program. The registration is just a click away, so that you can breathe free of all your air conditioning worries. Once you opt for our annual maintenance plans, our professionals are sent to your premise on regular schedules for preventive maintenance and upkeep. You can even enjoy discounts and see a measurable reduction in maintenance costs.

All you need to do is fill this simple form and one of our managers will get in touch with you with all the great options before you.

We Understand You Lead a Busy Life

Life in Dubai runs at a fast pace and we are fully aware of that. To save you time and effort, we have made the whole experience of availing our services seamless. You can simply call us and we’ll send our experts to your doorstep. You don’t even have to visit us for payments. The invoice can be handed over to you personally or electronically, and you can make the payment through any of our many payment gateways. We even have a Contact Centre to help guide you with the steps. Truly convenient isn’t it?! Call us today at +971 54 441 9866. We’d love to be of service to you!