Every property owner or tenant will want to have an annual maintenance contract they can rely on. With each annual maintenance contract Dubai property owners and tenants are able to make sure that when something happens on their property, there will be a professional on call that can come to their aid and help them work through the problem.

Our team of professionals are trained to come into a property and identify the problems that are present. They will also take a proactive approach and make certain any maintenance issues that may become larger problems later on are taken care off quickly and effectively.

With your annual maintenance contract in place for your commercial and residential property, you’ll start saving money right away. You won’t need to buy a bunch of tools and waste time fixing problems when they occur. Instead, you can give us a call and we’ll come on out to the property and do a thorough inspection.

At handyhelper, we have three different packages you can choose from. Each annual maintenance contract will give you the work you need at an affordable cost. These packages are designed to keep more money in your pocket while giving you and your occupants the peace of mind that someone is out there to help should anything go wrong.

Silver Package

  • AC Service and Maintenance X 2
  • Electrical servicing X 2
  • Plumbing Serving X 2
  • Basic Masonry X 2
  • 4 Non-Emergency call out
  • 10 Emergency call out

Gold Plus Package

  • Ac Service and Maintenance X 4
  • Electrical servicing X 4
  • Plumbing Serving X 4
  • Basic Masonry X 4
  • 12 Non-Emergency call out
  • Unlimited Emergency call out